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Greenville, NC is the fourth fastest growing city in the nation! It has blossomed from a small city with a small university and a small hospital to the tenth largest city in North Carolina. That small university and small hospital have grown into a nationally recognized university and a hospital that trains doctors from around the world. Greenville itself has tripled in size in just the last thirty years and for twenty-five of those years Ron Harrell & Associates has been helping many commercial businesses and physicians find, purchase, lease, and build many of Greenville’s most successful businesses.

Greenville’s economy is booming. Forbes Magazine ranked Greenville in the nation’s top ten “Best Small Places For Business And Careers”. Our “small place” has it all. It’s business-friendly, with bountiful job opportunities and lots of reasonably-priced housing. It is also chock full of art, music, and nature. Click the link below to enjoy a taste of life in Greenville.

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