Saved Buildings in Little Washington

Little Washington is full of beautiful old buildings and creative people using them in creative ways.

When Rachel Midgette and her mom started Rachel K’s Bakery, they were cooking out of a small kitchen in their home. Today they are housed in Little Washington’s original Town Hall and Fire Station, a building built in 1884 that had sat vacant since 1982. Rachel K’s Bakery breathed new life into this old building and today the old Town Hall is more than just a place to get delicious breads, pastries, and coffee. It is a sweet smelling meeting place for community to connect, housed in a rescued beauty of a building.

Another example of a “saved building” in Little Washington is a warehouse that utilizes the “Little Shoppes concept” encouraging business owners to rent or buy large warehouses and retrofit them to house a variety of “little shops” separated by dividers. This concept allows for a variety of small business owners to rent a reasonably priced space with very little start-up cash. It is a new and exciting way that commercial investors are getting creative in helping business owners.

The Turanage Theater, art galleries, restaurants, bookstores, and clothing shops — all housed in a variety of interesting buildings, old and new — are highlighted in this wonderful video showcasing the charms of Little Washington. To see more about how commercial investors and business owners co-create a lovely little town, support North Carolina creators and create North Carolina businesses, check out this video. But be warned, you may want to move to Little Washington!

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