Our Story

Ron Harrell moved to Greenville in the 1980s. His previous career was in banking. His roots in the banking industry gave him an unparalleled understanding of the many processes involved in financing the acquisition of commercial property. His passion is helping clients navigate these complicated processes.

Over 20+ years of dedicated service, Ron developed a reputation as a hardworking broker who goes the extra mile to help each and every client. His business quickly grew to include neighboring counties and, along the way, he cultivated many meaningful business relationships in a variety of fields. In addition to commercial real estate, Ron began assisting his clients with brokering their businesses. What started as offering a helping hand soon turned into a full-scale business brokerage arm of the company. In similar fashion, he also began to develop property management services. Ron’s helping nature grew his business. This was never more apparent than during the recent recession when he utilized his knowledge and experience in the banking industry to help clients obtain much needed, and hard to come by, capital, even though it sometimes meant circumventing traditional bank loans altogether.

As his successes grew, so did his business, and he went on to partner with Christine Morant, a financial consultant with years of experience in the project funding industry. Together they now offer fully integrated commercial lending services.

Ron Harrell prides himself on having assembled an excellent team of highly qualified individuals with the expertise to address the many and varied needs of clients. His client-driven approach has earned the firm both an excellent reputation and continued success.

Ron Harrell & Associates is proud of our contributions to furthering the development and growth of Eastern North Carolina.